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Friday, July 29, 2011

I've found the easiest way to visualize melodic intervals is in a linear fashion along a single string. Let's use the 2nd string (B) and start with our lowest-sounding pitch being the C note at the 1st fret on the B-string.This chart will give you the details:
NOTE             NUMBER OF FRETS FROM C                INTERVAL
C                                   0 Perfect Unison
C# / Db                                   1 Minor 2nd
D                                   2    Major 2nd
D# / Eb                                                3 Minor 3rd
E                                   4 Major 3rd
F                                                      5 Perfect 4th
F# / Gb                                   6 Augmented 4th / Diminished 5th
G                                   7 Perfect 5th
G# / Ab                                   8 Minor 6th
A                                   9 Major 6th
A# / Bb                                  10 Minor 7th
B                                  11 Major 7th
C                                  12 Perfect Octave
C# / Db                                  13 Minor 9th
D                                  14 Major 9th
D# / Eb                                  15 Minor 10th
E                                  16 Major 10th
F                                  17 Perfect 11th
F# / Gb                                  18 Augmented 11th / Diminished 12th
G                                  19 Perfect 12th
G# / Ab                                  20 Minor 13th
A                                  21 Major 13th
(The slash notes are enharmonic equivalent notes—Identical pitch, but different note names)

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