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Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Great leaning Course

I have a link that is a great site for all you beginning guitarist out there,this site gives you a great deal of info on how to start learning how to master playing the guitar, I took the course and can say I learned more in just 2 days then I did in the 3  years of trying to learn from watching you tube videos ,you get a 30 day free trail,so you have nothing to lose is how I saw it ,it took me from the very beginning to...... well I didn't finish the course yet but my playing is great now, people can now tell what song I am playing  check it out and comment  I would like to know what you think.  here is the link=Guitar GuRu secrets

Friday, July 29, 2011

I've found the easiest way to visualize melodic intervals is in a linear fashion along a single string. Let's use the 2nd string (B) and start with our lowest-sounding pitch being the C note at the 1st fret on the B-string.This chart will give you the details:
NOTE             NUMBER OF FRETS FROM C                INTERVAL
C                                   0 Perfect Unison
C# / Db                                   1 Minor 2nd
D                                   2    Major 2nd
D# / Eb                                                3 Minor 3rd
E                                   4 Major 3rd
F                                                      5 Perfect 4th
F# / Gb                                   6 Augmented 4th / Diminished 5th
G                                   7 Perfect 5th
G# / Ab                                   8 Minor 6th
A                                   9 Major 6th
A# / Bb                                  10 Minor 7th
B                                  11 Major 7th
C                                  12 Perfect Octave
C# / Db                                  13 Minor 9th
D                                  14 Major 9th
D# / Eb                                  15 Minor 10th
E                                  16 Major 10th
F                                  17 Perfect 11th
F# / Gb                                  18 Augmented 11th / Diminished 12th
G                                  19 Perfect 12th
G# / Ab                                  20 Minor 13th
A                                  21 Major 13th
(The slash notes are enharmonic equivalent notes—Identical pitch, but different note names)

Guitar sites that I used.

I have looked over 100s if not 1000s of sites, joined some, ordered from some, and even liked some(lol)
In all my searching and looking to learn how to play I found some of them teach you in a way that's maybe not your learning style .What I found was that the free videos that I watched from a particular teacher was not what I wanted or didn't like the teaching method only to find out I was wrong,
As of today I have been using a course called "6 Minute Guitar" and believe me it was well worth it, as I read and watched the videos of this course, in my opinion it was what every beginner should takes you from the very start of learning the guitar, even thou I know some (since I have only been playing 2 years ) it is filling in all the blanks and misunderstandings I had.Thank you Dan for your help!
Don't get me wrong there are others out there That I have not giving a chance (didn't order their product)because I Just cant afford to buy them all so I have to pick and choose wisely and you should do the same ,watch their videos and look at how they teach and if you can pick up what they are teaching, then chances are they have your learning style ...happy hunting !

Learning the notes on low E & A strings

What I found to help me learn the notes on the top (low E and  A strings), was I got blue painters tape and placed  it on the back of my guitar neck and wrote the letters of the strings on the tape and as I played I was able to look at the letters and find my way to the correct fret.
If you have any tips that would benefit guitar players, please comment .