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Friday, July 29, 2011

Guitar sites that I used.

I have looked over 100s if not 1000s of sites, joined some, ordered from some, and even liked some(lol)
In all my searching and looking to learn how to play I found some of them teach you in a way that's maybe not your learning style .What I found was that the free videos that I watched from a particular teacher was not what I wanted or didn't like the teaching method only to find out I was wrong,
As of today I have been using a course called "6 Minute Guitar" and believe me it was well worth it, as I read and watched the videos of this course, in my opinion it was what every beginner should takes you from the very start of learning the guitar, even thou I know some (since I have only been playing 2 years ) it is filling in all the blanks and misunderstandings I had.Thank you Dan for your help!
Don't get me wrong there are others out there That I have not giving a chance (didn't order their product)because I Just cant afford to buy them all so I have to pick and choose wisely and you should do the same ,watch their videos and look at how they teach and if you can pick up what they are teaching, then chances are they have your learning style ...happy hunting !

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